Give up all the other worlds, except the one to which you belong. --David Whyte



Whatever brought you to my website, I consider you being here an act of courage. I don’t know what you are starting, but you are starting something.

It can be so easy to tolerate discomfort for far too long. Even things that are hurtful can offer a sense of comfort. We say things like, “at least this is familiar.” It can be hard to say, “Stop.” Or, “Enough”. Or, “No more.” It can be harder than it feels like it should be to reach out and ask for help. In so doing, we step into the unknown, and that might feel worse than staying in our pain.

But you’re here because a part of you wants something different. You want something more than the hurtful places you know so well. Some part of you believes that you can have better. I believe it too.

Whether you are here in hope, pain, excitement, fear, or all of it all at once, I welcome you. I welcome you exactly as you are right now.

Please, spend a little time on this site, and get a sense of me and my therapeutic approach. Ask yourself if I might be a good fit for what you’re seeking.